Who I Am

My professional interest lies at the intersection of Technology, Design, and Business. I love shipping intuitive and delightful user experiences with data driven and user centric mindset. I enjoy building, tinkering and story telling, working with stakeholders to identify user needs and translating them into engineering requirements so that we can build successful products that people love.

How I Work


Understand the problem, empathize with the person. Explore the competitive landscape. Identify strategic opportunities. Define design goals and requirements.


Combine effective interfaces, smart interactions, and consistent visual language into a captivating design that resonates with the target audience.


Map design to code. Smooth constraints. Solve edge cases. Move that button 3 pixels to the left. Fill the gap between functional and delightful.


Test prototypes with real people against actual problems. Combine insights with gut intuition and experience. Iterate and improve in pursuit of perfection.

Where I Work

I’m a Sr. Technical Product Manager at Paypal, an enterprise remote support for the human-powered customer service revolution. Paypal democratizes financial services to ensure that everyone, regardless of background or economic standing, has access to affordable, convenient and secure products and services to take control of their financial lives. Previously I worked Previously, I worked at ScreenMeet offers remote service that is always available, easily accessible, continulously secure, and zero to no latency.

In 2017, I was a Software Engineer at Guidewire Software, focused on delivering a platform that P&C insurers rely on to adapt and succeed in a time of accelerating change- and to ensure that every customer suceeds in the journey. Before that I was a Product Manager at SpellTrain. SpellTrain provided a new approach to education by integrating machine learning algorithms that increased users cognitive abilities 35% more than traditional study methods.